Mewies Design Limited is a small family business based in Warlingham surrey, we offer architectural design services to domestic clients in the local area. We have successfully completed over 200 projects since 2010 from simple knock-through’s to whole house designs and everything in between. With a passion for design and building projects we have developed our services to provide a complete package for all your building design needs. Our hands-on experience and background in engineering, design and project management allows us to provide competitive design services to help you develop your ideas, apply for planning permission and create your dream home.

Our story

Working together as a family we have developed a great small team, with Bob Mewies being the senior technical lead - with his varied past career in project management, engineering and software development, he is a Chartered engineer, as well as being a Chartered building engineer he has several qualifications, including two master’s degrees. Bob’s passion for building projects began outside of his professional career, whilst restoring and renovating several family homes over the years before moving onto the next, from bungalows to a large detached houses, oak-framed barns, garden sheds and more recently an old flint cottage. Of course the family was along for the ride and the kids grew up amongst the often chaotic “home building sites”, getting stuck-in and learning along the way. In 2010 Bob designed a new-build house for his son Paul, which we successfully built and this became the catalyst for starting the business. Trading as Barn Ltd, Bob provided architectural services to local customers, growing through referrals Bob has been producing plans for local building projects since.

Bob’s other son Chris founded Mewies Design Ltd in 2014 after 12 years in industry as an industrial designer, initially wanting to provide design and fabrication services, Chris set up an engineering and fabrication workshop and successfully delivered several projects, from staircase designs to furniture, exhibition stands, artworks and specialist equipment, even a tree house for the National Trust. Take a look at previous projects for more information. As the business progressed, Chris’ focus towards architectural design projects increased and often working together with Bob on different projects over the years, we decided to join forces and merge the two companies into one.

Jennifer, Bob’s daughter, also works full time in the business, having previously worked for 6 years as a facilities and project manager for a medical regulatory company. Jennifer studied interior design and provides valuable skills to interior design projects as well as being a capable CAD designer as well as our admin and finance officer.

Mewies family building projects

Here’s a few pictures of some of the self build projects we have completed over the years.