Chris Mewies

Early Career

During his early career he trained as a HVAC engineer and then later as a commercial electrician and gained many hand-on skills.

Chris Mewies later completed a degree in Motor-sport engineering at the University of Hertfordshire.

After graduating, Chris landed a local contract as a Project Engineer at BOC Edwards, working on ultra high vacuum systems.

When this contract came to an end Chris set up his first business with a friend, restoring and modifying vehicles, which was not that successful!

Chris later went on to work as a Design Engineer at Centronic Ltd, working on radiation detection equipment for the energy sector, where he became adept in CAD and experienced the full engineering design life-cycle.


Working in the fast-paced contracting world, this time working on medical packaging equipment for Fisher Clinical Services, Chris got stuck into solving problems on the robotic pill packaging lines.

Another contract came up not long at Vent-Axia, where Chris designed the quietest 100mm axial fan on the market at the time! Here Chris gained a lot of experience in designing for high-volume plastic injection moulding, extensive use of commercial 3D printing and managing designs through to production. 

Chris worked a small stint at Aqualisa Showers, where he solved some problems with faulty injection mould-tooling parts and kicked off a project for their next generation digital showers. However, his time there was cut short when he was offered a new job he could not refuse...

XPI Simulation was a small company and Chris was the sole mechanical designer, so there was very few constraints or systems to slow down the development process. Chris was given the freedom to push ahead with designing and within a couple of years had designed the hardware for a whole new product range including car driving rigs, motorbike simulators, screen arrays and converted road vehicles. At XPI he helped to design a cycle simulator for the 'Boris bikes' for road safety trials in London, as well as a large military tank simulator. 

Mewies Design Limited launched 2014